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King George V Playing Fields, Peter Grant Way, off Church Road,
Ferndown, Dorset, BH22 9EN

Sue Aplin


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All Members New and Old Please Refer to
the diary pages for relevant information regarding
Roll-ups, Club Competitions, Team & League Matches

NOTE: -  No rinks may be booked for a time when match or matches on three or more rinks are to be played.  If a match requires two rinks, one non-match rink may be booked.

League and Club Competition matches take precedence over Roll-up games. All Matches shown in the Fixture Book & in the Website Diary will have precedence over all other games. Rink allocations are made by the Groundsman only.

NOTE: - Re-arranged postponed League matches have priorty.

Please check the notice board in the Club House for the numbers of the relevant rinks booked, before starting play.

The Green's Opening Times can be found on the 'Rink Info' page, as well as in the Diary Pages.  
NOTE: There are certain Mondays when the green will be closed until 16.00 hours, please check the Diary or your booklet for information.

The Club Notice Boards and the Website will keep you informed of any alterations regarding Matches and any other information, please check both of these on a regular basis.

The Teams are made up by invitation only by our Selection Committee, Teams are listed on the Notice Boards in the Club House, if you are interested, please put your name forward to the relevant Club Captains.

NOTE:  If you have been selected and cannot make the game please notify your relevant Club Captain, soon as possible, so a replacement can be found.

When not in use, the frames, if used, must be returned to the shed situated in the corner of the Green’s outer area.